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where can i buy that apron

i end up just forgetting to log onto my personal now…


you know what im looking forward to next week


“Fucking weeaboo.”

Me to myself every goddamn day (via jfads-lffjals)

whispers i’m home again

Make me Choose: Hisoka or Killua asked by katsuraz

↳  ” He’s probably the most talented Zoldyck in history, but he fails as an assassin because he’s so moody because a kid who wants to make friends can’t lead the Zoldyck family in the end he’s just a crybaby”.



I see things such as “Gon takes advantage of Killua” or “Gon doesn’t care about Killua” and that’s not true at all. Gon cares almost too much - and he cares about all his friends a lot - but with Killua he shows concern in another way. It’s much more vocal.It isn’t subtle like Killua when he looks to Gon at first, and we don’t get to see Gon’s inner thoughts during the Chimera Ant arc.

I think that’s where people misunderstand….

"Aren’t they amazing?"


-You just what?